The committee has received various forms of recognition from the community to show their appreciation of the work that has gone into creating and completing this project!


  • The Town Board of the Town of Thompson has invited the committee to provide a permanent display of photographs of the schools that were identified,  documented, and commemorated by the installation of a historical sign at the location of each school.  Most signs were provided by the William G Pomeroy Foundation, and the remainder were sponsored by  a grant  provided  by the  Sullivan County government.   The display is found in the lobby at the entrance to the Thompson Town Court in the Town Hall.   The unveiling ceremony was held on October 21, 2019.


  • Sullivan County Historical Society:    Our project was recognized by the Sullivan County Historical Society  by presenting the “2019 History Preserver Award”  to the committee at the Society’s annual banquet  held at the Rockland House Restaurant on October 27, 2019.


Suzanne Cecil, President of the Sullivan County Historical Society presents the “History Preserver Award” to Gordon MacAdam, co-chairman of the committee.
Gordon MacAdam stands with his committee upon receiving the annual “History Preservers Award” for 2019!




  • William G. Pomeroy Foundation:    The Pomeroy Foundation, who provided the funding for most of the installations, recognized committeeman Paul Lounsbury  for his efforts in WGP’s   “Snap That Sign” photography program which encouraged  participants to obtain photographs of historical signs  that had been funded by WGP,  but still were lacking photos of each.    Paul was the recipient of a commemorative “WGP pin.”

Paul poses with his pin at the historical marker of the Columbia Hill One Room School that  involved four generations of Lounsburys  since its founding in 1838.   His father and grandfather and their siblings attended the school in their day.     Lounsbury family members  served as trustees, clerks, librarians, and teachers during the  103 years  of the school’s operation.    Paul’s grandfather, Daniel, who was the final trustee , had saved all of the school’s business records beginning in 1838  to 1941, which were passed down  to Paul’s father, and then to Paul  upon his father’s passing in 2013.