The Rock Hill school was established in 1846 and it was located along the “Newburgh – Cochecton Turnpike,”   the major thoroughfare through the county that provided an overland wagon route between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers.   Eventually it was incorporated as part  of NY State Route 17.  Upon completion of the four-lane Route 17 in the 1960’s, this street was renamed “Rock Hill Drive.”

The school served its community for 114 years until 1960.  It was among the last one room facilities to see its students transferred to the newly constructed George W. Cooke Elementary School in Monticello as part of the district’s centralization plan.  The deed for the property called for the building to revert back to the Methodist  Church to be used as a home for its minister.    It was eventually sold and has since been renovated into a lovely single family home in its original location along Rock Hill Drive, just to the right of the pharmacy and Dunkin Donuts.








  Mission Accomplished on September 5, 2018, as this commemorative sign was installed in front of the school!



                                                                                        Former Students:

 Photo taken 8/2018