South Woods School is the only one in our study that published its own “Student created newspaper!”    Below you will enjoy the edition from September to October 1941.    Upon reading the “Editor’s Note” on page 1, we find that this is the first issue for this school year, and it implies that the newspaper had been published in previous years.         I will also point out that our co-chairmen of this committee are of the South Woods student heritage, although the brothers did not attend the one room school.   So the tradition of literary excellence affected future generations of South Woods families!

I’m curious to know if Henry Calhoun’s drawing on the front cover is perhaps a cougar or mountain lion that may have frequented the South Woods, or perhaps, it was the Calhoun family feline.

The teacher at the time was Minerva Litts Schroeder who was married to Otto Schroeder.

The copy of the SWJNews   was provided by Bruce and Debbie Brought.