Upon first creating this page,  We had not acquired any information or photos regarding this school or any students.   Then we received this photo of the school from Mrs. Evelyn VanDermark, a Monticello native and graduate,   and just recently on August 12, 2020, our chairman received an email from Mrs. Shelly Cox of Greenwich, Ohio, who informed us that her grandfather, Frederick Schneider had attended the Thompsonville school, and she also provided the “School Record Certificate” dated September 25, 1918 and signed by the school’s superintendent William Stackhouse, verifying that her grandfather had attended the school, and that his date of birth was May 6, 1903.   Shelly was perusing the ” Local History of Sullivan County ” page on Facebook, in hopes of discovering some information about where her grandfather used to live as a boy.   It was on this site, that she saw where someone had posted the link to this website, and the rest is history!   As an adult, Fred became a carpenter and a lock smith and lived in The Bronx, NY.     Thank You Shelly!!






                              January 2021:   A rare photograph of the school (date unknown) from a post card that was submitted by Ellen Neumann.

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